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 Fall 2011 Survey
 FA11 2011
University at Buffalo  
College of Arts and Sciences  
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  Course:  COM 300 A - Written Communications   Department:  COM
  Responsible Faculty:  Amanda Lohiser   Resp. Rec'vd / Expected:   14 / 26 
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CAS-UBCATS Course Survey

COM 300 A - --- Comparisons ---
Responses Course COM All
[SD] [D] [N] [A] [SA] N Mean Mean -=+ Mean -=+
Q1 The syllabus helped me understand the goals and expectations of this course. 000014 14 5 4.2 + + 4.2 + +
Q2 The various elements of this course combined well in helping me learn (e.g. assignments, texts, readings, laboratory, course technology). 000311 14 4.8 4.1 + + 4 + +
Q3 The classroom technology helped me learn. [Leave blank if 'not applicable'] 00055 10 4.5 4.1 + 3.9 +
Q4 This course improved my analytical thinking, creativity, technical skills, or competence. 000212 14 4.9 4 + + 3.9 + +
Q5 I would recommend this course to other students. 000113 14 4.9 4.1 + + 3.9 + +
Number of Courses / Survey Responses used for Comparisons:46 / 8872,211 / 28,620
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CAS-UBCATS Instructor Survey

Lohiser, Amanda --- Comparisons ---
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[SD] [D] [N] [A] [SA] N Mean Mean -=+ Mean -=+
Q6 The instructor provided feedback (for example, exams, papers, and discussions) that was timely, fair, and constructive. 000113 14 4.9 4.2 + + 4.1 + +
Q7 This instructor had high expectations for students' learning and performance 000212 14 4.9 4.3 + + 4.2 + +
Q8 The instructor organized class time well. 000212 14 4.9 4.2 + + 4.1 + +
Q9 The instructor taught at a level that I was prepared for. 000112 13 4.9 4.3 + + 4.1 + +
Q10 I would recommend this instructor to other students. 000113 14 4.9 4.2 + 4 +
Number of Individuals / Survey Responses used for Comparisons:46 / 8902,243 / 29,188
Responses: [SD] Strongly Disagree=1 [D] Disagree=2 [N] Neutral=3 [A] Agree=4 [SA] Strongly Agree=5 
This Individual compared with others: [- -]=0-10th   [-]=10th-25th   [=]=25th-75th   [+]=75th-90th   [+ +]=90th-100th Percentile  
Question: Please comment on the elements of the COURSE you found particularly effective.
Response Rate: 78.57%   (11 of 14)
1 I learned a lot about my own writing style. I analyzed areas that needed improvement.
2 What i have found particularly effective is the way professor Lohiser taught the class. I liked that we had rough drafts for major papers, which helped me improve my writing. Also, she set clear deadlines and i always knew when portfolios were due. Also, we did lot of small writing practices in the class which i liked, becaus ethose prepared me for the actual assignment that followed.
3 I really liked how we were able to choose our own topics to write about.
4 Technical writing using APA style citing, explanation and application of arguments within experimentation.
5 All the work that was part of our portfolios was effective. I liked that there were 2 major papers and a lot of smaller assignments instead of just papers and research.
6 I think Professor Lohiser did a great teaching this class. She one of the few professors I know that knows how teach and make the class enjoyable at the same time. I think this was the most effective technique because it kept the students engage in the class even though it was 8am in the morning.
7 This course was really effective in teaching me how to spot my writing errors and fix them on my own, rather than having a teacher mark all of my revisions and then just having to go and fix it on the computer.
8 I learned how to further my writing skills and ways of thinking. I was able to stretch my mind further than I thought I could've
9 The activities we did in class helped us grasp the concepts immensely
10 I loved how we were given examples of every assignment that we did as well as the paper that we worked on.
11 The writing assignments were great and really helped me to become a better critcal thinker.
Question: Please comment on COURSE IMPROVEMENTS you would suggest.
Response Rate: 78.57%   (11 of 14)
1 This teacher did everything right.
2 NOTHING. This was a really good class and professor Lohiser should keep doing what she is doing because she is great at teaching.
3 Possibly design the course to be more independent, with deadlines and more meetings set up with the professor.
4 None
5 There is nothing that I would improve, the course is awesome.
6 nothing, keep doing what you do Professor Lohiser!
7 nothing needs improvement.
8 Nothing, this was a great class
9 if the powerpoint slides were posted on ublearns, it would make things easier
10 There are no improvements that need to be made.
11 I felt that some assignments were a bit too basic. It would be good if all of the assignements were around the same length and/or took the same amount of thought.
Faculty: Lohiser, Amanda
Question: Please comment on how effective the INSTRUCTOR was in teaching this course.
Response Rate: 85.71%   (12 of 14)
1 Ms. Lohiser is a highly effective communicator. You need to offer her a permanent position before someone else does.
2 I LOVED HER CLASS. Professor Lohiser is a great teacher and she really wants her students to succeed. She is great with explaining every assignment and i felt like i could always ask her questions. Professor Lohiser is AWESOME and it was definitely worth waking up early in the morning and going to her class. I strongly strongly recommend her to other students, you wont regret it.
3 Amanda was a great professor, she was very friendly and easy to contact with questions. However I didn't like the way that our papers were edited, the 'x' on the line that needed improvement was a little too vague for my taste.
4 The Professor's teaching style created a relaxed environment that encouraged learning even with an early class. In this class I have been able to apply her instructions to other classes I needed to create papers in.
5 Amanda was probably one of my favorite instructors ever. She kept class interesting even at 8am when we were all still half asleep. Most students would skip an early class but almost everyone was there each class because her energy and talent as a teacher encouraged us all to get there and work for our grades. I would highly recommend her to any student.
6 I hope she teaches my future communication courses :)
7 Just an overall great professor I look forward to taking more of her classes
8 Amanda was one of the best if not the best instructors I've ever had. She is extremely fair, helpful and accommodating to students' needs. Amanda took the time to learn everyone's names and addressed each student personally, she met with students when they asked and needed help and Amanda made contacting and approaching her very easy. Overall I really enjoyed Amanda's class and can not wait until next semester when I have her for a different class. I strongly recommend Amanda to other students and I have actually already convinced fellow students to take a course with her.
9 This teacher made me not mind waking up at 6:30AM in order to get to her class at 8AM. I guarantee no other teacher could make me say that. She knows exactly what she's doing and makes everyone in the class feel like a small family. She made people come out of their shells and start talking during class and to other people around them.
10 very
11 The instructor added a bit pf humor into her lectures which I believe is always effective.
12 She was a great teacher and was very easy to understand and talk to.